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No More Gooey Messes! No More Gagging! The iTero is Here!

No More Gagging At the Dentist – iTero is Here!

What is iTero? iTero is cutting edge technology that makes an excellent - and pleasant - first impression. iTero allows our doctors to take a completely digital 3D impression (no gooey impression goop!) of your teeth and bite. The iTero Scanner The iTero scanner enables our doctors to get an extremely precise, digital 3D image of the individual elements of
Truth About Dental IMplants Slave Lake Dental Dentist

Dental Implants Look, Feel, And Function Like Real Teeth

  IF YOU’RE MISSING A TOOTH, OR SEVERAL TEETH, we want you to know there are remarkable replacement options. One reliable, natural looking option to consider is dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth “roots”—usually made of titanium—that are placed in your jawbone and covered by a natural looking tooth replacement. Implants Can Improve Your Appearance And Comfort Tooth loss can