Testimonials from our very own Invisalign® patients. Read what they have to say about their Invisalign journey, working with our team and their smile transformation!

“I have been nothing but impressed with my Invisalign journey, albeit a lengthy one the end result was well worth it.  I was looking at old pictures the other day and never realized just how misaligned my teeth were, and today thanks to Invisalign, Dr Pukanich and the team at Slave Lake Dental, I can smile proudly.  From the initial consult, through the treatments and now the final stages in retainers, I have had no issues and I found the Invisalign to be comfortable and easy to take care of.   I would recommend that anyone who has thought of making changes to their smile consider Invisalign, I’m glad I did!”

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Ann-Marie Aubertin

“I’ll admit that I was really self-conscious about my teeth- sometimes I hated when people saw me laughing and even smiling. Invisalign was perfect- a discreet, effective way of improving the way I felt about my teeth and overall appearance. The staff at Slave lake dental were SO awesome, and continue to be extremely friendly. Staff will create a plan specific to you, not a generic Invisalign treatment for everyone. Your opinion and overall satisfaction is taken into account every single dental visit! I look back and I don’t even recognize my old teeth. Knowledgeable staff at Slave lake dental who doubled as friendly and personable individuals- sometimes I wish my teeth were still crooked so I could go back and visit more often 🙂 10/10, 5 stars!”

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Shane Farnham

“For me, Invisalign was the perfect alternative to tradition metal braces. They are convenient, low maintenance and comfortable. Best of all, I got the smile I always wanted in less than 18 months at an affordable cost!”

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Megan Tanner

I wanted straighter teeth but felt that braces would be a hassle. As a professional who works with people every day I took confidence in the fact that people wouldn’t be able to see me straightening my teeth. I thought they were the perfect solution for me to continue to look the same while getting the same results in the end.

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Josh Gryschuk

All those years with my teeth like they were I still can’t believe it they are straight . I loved it the day I was in the clinic and Dr. Terri mention that she could fix my teeth with Invisalign. At that time I didn’t know anything about it but I was so happy just hearing the words that my teeth could be fix. I would recommend Invisalign 100%. I just love Dr. Terri and her staff they are so awesome. Actually my daughter is getting the Invisaglin in the new year. Thank you all so much!

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Theresa Lecoure

I had wanted braces ever since my early teen years, and had seen orthodontists on two separate occasions for consultations prior to moving to Slave Lake and meeting Dr. Pukanich and the team at Slave Lake Dental. I am so happy that I finally made the decision to go ahead with braces once the technology of Invisalign became available. The convenience of Invisalign was appealing to me, especially the minimally invasive process and the freedom to eat the same way that I had eaten without “braces”. I looked forward to receiving my new trays and enjoyed watching my smile morph into something that I felt more and more confident about as the weeks went by. The end result is a smile that I am truly proud of. I did not realize how self-conscious I was about the misalignment and discolouration of my teeth until Dr. Pukanich held up the mirror, just weeks before my wedding day, and showed me my new smile. I am forever grateful for the kindness and professional care that I received from all of the staff at Slave Lake Dental, and especially Dr. Pukanich, for her motivating positivity, attention to detail, and the resulting smile that I get to proudly wear everyday.

Five Star Rating Slave Lake Dental Dentist  ~Kristine Kelham