What is iTero?

iTero is cutting edge technology that makes an excellent – and pleasant – first impression. iTero allows our doctors to take a completely digital 3D impression (no gooey impression goop!) of your teeth and bite.

The iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner enables our doctors to get an extremely precise, digital 3D image of the individual elements of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue.


iTero - Slave Lake Dental

One Less Reason to Hate the Dentist – It’s Comfortable!

The list of reasons that patients have for disliking a visit to the dentist is getting shorter and shorter in our office! At Slave Lake Dental we have eliminated the messy traditional impressions from that list with the iTero. Not only is the iTero more comfortable than traditional impressions, but taking a digital scan is really fast. This means that you can remain comfortable while we capture the detailed imagery and you won’t have to deal with the putty-filled mess that can make many patients gag or the possibility of having to retake impressions. Furthermore, because the impression is digital it can be stopped and started whenever you decide and the sophisticated technology will simply piece the images together.



Benefits of iTero Technology

  1. SAFE
  2. It’s Fast – You can look at your 3D scans on screen with your dentist right away
  3. Accurate & Detailed
  4. It will give you a precise fit of bridges, veneers, crowns and Invisalign
  5. No more gooey mess like traditional impression techniques
  6. Eliminates the need to take impressions multiple times
  7. It’s comfortable. You will be able to swallow and breathe naturally throughout the digital 3D scan.
  8. No unpleasant impression material taste in your mouth afterwards



You Can Stop Gagging During the Dental Visits!

The iTero digital impression system is nothing short of amazing, even magical. It is a brand new technology that offers a far more comfortable dental visit. For many people, the technology takes away much of the fear associated with going to the dentist: the traditional goop-filled dental mold.

We offer iTero at Slave Lake Dental!

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