We’ve prepared instructions for the after care of your new Invisalign® clear aligners. If you are ever unsure of what to do, please call our office at 780-849-2233.

You have just received your new Invisalign® clear aligners, here are a few things you should know:

Taking care of Invisalign® clear aligners is very simple.

Every time you brush your teeth you should brush your aligners as well. They can also be soaked and cleaned in a denture cleaner while you are busy eating.

Thanks to the removable nature, you can eat and drink whatever you want while in treatment. In fact, there is no need to restrict your consumption of any of your favorite foods and snacks unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Pukanich. You may even eat and drink with your aligners in!! It is recommended that if you eat curry that you remove your aligners to do so to avoid staining. You may take your aligners out to eat if you find it more comfortable however remember to put them back in promptly after your meal. Also, it is important that you brush your teeth after each meal to maintain fresh breath and proper hygiene.

Please note that your aligner trays may cause some irritation to the lips, tongue, and cheeks. If this occurs, use wax to stop the irritation and rinse with warm salt water to help heal irritation. Teeth may begin to feel slightly mobile or loose during treatment, but this is normal.

Care to Ensure Success

  • Wear each set of trays for at least 2 weeks and in sequential order as instructed

  • Wear each set of trays for 20-22 hours a day (unless otherwise instructed)

  • Use denture cleaner tablets to clean trays at least once a day

  • Always place trays in case when they are not in your mouth

  • Always remove trays by starting from the back molars

  • Always place trays in from the front of your mouth first, and then move to the back molars

  • You may drink water while wearing trays or use a straw for dark or staining liquids

  • If possible, brush or rinse before placing trays back in your mouth

  • Clenching into trays with your aligner chewies when you place your tray in, helps teeth move faster and relieves pressure.

  • Keep 2 to 3 of your previous trays in a clean plastic bag

During Invisalign Treatment, DO NOT

  • Throw away aligner trays

  • Leave trays out of your mouth for long periods of time

  • Chew gum with aligners in your mouth. It will stick to the aligners.

  • Leave trays in hot vehicle, or boil them (They are plastic!)

  • Leave trays sitting out for pets to chew on

  • Wrap trays in a napkin or on a table at a restaurant (You will throw them away or forget them!)

  • Place trays in your pocket without a case

  • Have dental work done while in treatment, EXCEPT for regular checkups and cleanings

  • Remove trays from the front teeth first

  • Bite trays into position, this may damage them


You have just received your Munchies to use with your clear aligners, here are a few things you should know:

Munchies are an orthodontic enhancement device designed to maximize the accuracy, fit and effectiveness of your Invisalign aligners and to provide relief from any discomfort. Munchies help ensure your aligners fit as closely as possible against your teeth, increasing the likelihood that your treatment will progress as quickly as possible and minimizing the chance of time consuming and costly refinements/adjustments.

Care to Ensure Success

Bite and hold on each tooth for about 30 seconds. You will feel the aligner fit far better. This should take about 5-6 minutes every night.

  • Bite on the rounded depression to hug the tips of your canine teeth

  • Bite on the larger groove to hug the edges of the upper 4 front teeth

  • Bite on the smaller groove to hug the edges of the lower 4 front teeth

  • Bite down on the ridged depressions to hug the edges of your back teeth

If you have any questions, concerns or are unsure of what to do,

do not hesitate to call our office (780) 849-2233






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