We’ve prepared instructions for the after care of a restoration. If you are ever unsure of what to do, please call our office at 780-849-2233.

You have just had your restoration completed, here are a few things you should know:

Care to Ensure Success

  • If you have received local anesthetic (freezing) then be careful not to bite your lips, cheeks or tongue. It will wear off in two-three hours. Consider waiting until the anaesthetic has completely worn off before attempting to eat or drink. Once anesthetic has worn off you may resume a normal diet.

  • Your tooth has received a restorative operation and it is not unusual for you to experience some discomfort from the tooth and/or injection site. Typically, the larger and deeper the restoration, the more likelihood there could be some post-operative sensitivity.

  • You may experience hot, cold and /or pressure sensitivity for up to 8 weeks. If the discomfort is not diminishing over time or seems to be getting worse, then please call our office.

  • When we restore a tooth we check to make sure the bite is closing properly. Sometimes, when a patient is ‘frozen,’ we may not be able to ensure the correct position for the bite. If the restoration feels overbuilt or ‘high’ when the freezing has worn off; such that you cannot quite close your teeth properly, please call back to arrange for a quick adjustment. A high bite can increase the irritability of a tooth.

  • One of our treatment goals is to intervene early to prevent future dental pain and/or problems. However, even with our best efforts, a tooth will sometimes respond poorly to work. This can lead to the possibility of further dental treatment, at an additional expense such as root canal therapy, crowns, extractions or implants.

  • For particularly deep restorations we may advise that an anti-inflammatory medication be taken to calm the teeth down. This can allow the tooth to recover and can possibly circumvent the need for any possible root canal therapy. Typically two tablets are taken with each meal for 2-3 days.

If you have any questions, concerns or are unsure of what to do,

do not hesitate to call our office (780) 849-2233

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