There are many different types of bone grafting surgeries that can be performed. Here at Slave Lake Dental, we give patients the option of having a less invasive bone grafting procedure that can be completed immediately after an extraction within only a few minutes. However, some patients may require more extensive bone grafting surgery given certain anatomical circumstances, which we are still in the process of being able to offer patients. At this time, if a patient needs a more extensive surgery, we can absolutely help arrange for them to see a specialized surgeon’s office for the surgery.

When Would a Patient Require Bone Grafting?

If a patient comes in with a tooth that is either broken or decayed to the point that saving the natural tooth becomes too difficult, we then talk about what to do next. Patients in this situation have the option of having the tooth extracted, and having an implant placed, to replace the missing tooth. To help hold the stability of the bone once the tooth is extracted, we then place a material called “bone in a bottle”. Sounds weird right? It’s a completely safe, sterile, ground up cadaver bone, that is placed into the socket immediately after the tooth is removed. The bone then mixes with the blood, we close the surgical site with a cytoplast material and sutures that stay in place for 3 weeks. Your next visit is simple, we simply remove the sutures and the matrix. That bone “booster” will help buy us time and save us bone, to later support an implant. Ideally, after the bone graft surgery, the implant should be placed within the next 3-6 months.

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