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At Slave Lake Dental you don't have to worry about being behind the times because our team is committed to staying at the cutting edge of dental technology. We feel that by using the latest in dental technology we can provide our patients care that is of the highest quality in the most effective way. 

Digital X-Rays

Gone are the days when you would have to wait around for special film to develop before getting treatment. With Digital x-rays we can almost instantaneously x-ray your mouth and use them to diagnose and provide treatment more effectively and comfortably. Learn more about Digital X-Rays.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

VELscope technology allows us to have a painless method to help test our patients for signs of oral cancer. Using our VELscope we can help detect this terrible disease in its earlier stages so that you can receive treatment and increase your ability for a positive outcome. The process is completely non-invasive, easy and doesn't take much time. Learn more about Oral Cancer Screenings.

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are a wonderful leap forward in modern dental technology. Using dental lasers we can provide a number of different treatments, including gum contouring as well as gum disease treatment safely and effectively.

Digital Photography

Using digital photography allows us to visually display oral health information to the patient. The pictures allow us to provide our patients with a better understanding of potential problems and their available treatment options. Overall, digital photography proves to be a powerful aid in the treatment process.

iTero 3D Scanner - Digital Impressions

The iTero scanner enables our doctors to get an extremely precise, digital 3D image of the individual elements of your tooth surfaces and gum tissue. Our iTero allows our doctors to take a completely digital 3D impression (no gooey impression goop!) of your teeth and bite. It also allows us to have a predictive view of what your new smile will look like after Invisalign treatment! Learn more about Invisalign here at and more about our iTerro 3D Scanner.

ApneaLink Sleep Tester

Dentists are often the first professionals to become aware of a potential case of OSA and many are specially trained for the treatment of sleep apnea. This device measures your breathing and blood oxygen level at home while you sleep. Learn more about Sleep Apnea here.

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