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KID CREW - Kids Inspired Dentistry

KID Crew is our way of making sure we focus on prevention and dental health education in a fun, creative new way for you and your children. Every child aged 0 to 17 that visits Slave Lake Dental will be enrolled in KID Crew.  Enrollment is FREE and there are no extra costs to be in KID Crew!

The number #1 priority of KID Crew is getting your child through childhood CAVITY FREE! We have created brand new resources for both parents and children to help reach that goal.

Resources For Parents

  • KID Crew folder that is personalized for each child. These are designed to keep your child’s dental information organized and we ask that you bring it along every time your child has a visit with us.

  • A personal Cavity Risk Assessment. These will be performed on your child once a year. This will determine if your child is at a low, medium or high risk for dental decay and cavities. We will use this to make an individual treatment plan for your child.

  • Personalized Recommendations for your child’s dental health from their dentist and hygienist. We don’t recommend the same things to everyone. Our treatment plans are as individualized as your children!

Resources For Children

  • Brushing and Flossing Tracking Booklet to help them keep motivated at home.

  • Any child who is cavity free will get to pick a prize from our special KID Crew Prize Basket at the end of their visit.

Who Is It For?

Who is KID Crew for? Every child that visits Slave Lake Dental ages 0 to 17, will be enrolled in KID Crew. This includes Babies, Toddlers, Children, Pre-teens, Tweens and even Teens!

How Much Does It Cost?

Now I bet you’re probably thinking… This sounds fantastic, but what does it cost? Well, our team sees the direct benefit of a child creating healthy habits now that they will use to become a dentally healthy adult.

Because of this, enrollment in KID Crew is absolutely 100% FREE. There are no extra costs whatsoever to be enrolled in KID Crew. Every cavity free smile is worth it to us!

In fact, our hope as a team is that your overall costs for dental care will be lower in the future as there will be less fill and fixing to be done.

Why Did We Make KID Crew?

Are you wondering why we created the KID Crew? Well, the truth is, there are some very frightening statistics out there concerning children and dental disease. For example, many people believe that cavities are a normal part of life. They are definitely not… and contrary to popular belief, they are not hereditary. There is no such thing as ‘bad teeth.’ Only bad habits that can be passed down through generations. KID Crew can help motivate and provide proper instruction so no child has to live with the stigma of ‘bad teeth.’

KID Crew Mission Statement

KID Crew – ‘Kids Inspired Dentistry’

Our mission is to help kids and parents understand that your visit to the dentist is not “JUST” a cleaning but an extremely important part of your overall health! We believe that by taking the time with kids early we can grow a generation of dentally healthy adults. Our commitment is to prevention and education rather than fix and fill. Simply said, our #1 priority is getting your kids through childhood CAVITY FREE!

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