It is the goal of the entire Slave Lake Dental Team to educate, empower and support our patients to embrace their oral health which directly impacts their overall well being. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to our exceptional team of ladies and gentleman who put our patients first every day.

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Terri Pukanich, DDS, General Dentist & Practice Partner

Dr. Terri Pukanich  received her DDS from the University of Alberta and has since completed extensive post graduate training in Orthodontics and TMJ Disorders. Terri purchased the Slave Lake Dental practice in 2003 along with her husband John.  Dr. Pukanich was born and raised here in Slave Lake, Alberta. Terri stays active by boating, fishing, quadding, skiing, playing hockey and reading with her husband and two children Cooper and Darby.

Dr. Pukanich is very passionate about dentistry and leadership. In fact, her favorite thing about her job is when patients get the ‘light bulb’ moment when they are made aware of their conditions and why they may be that way. Terri’s favorite quote is “Every patient carries his or her own doctor inside – They come to us not knowing that truth – we are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work” by Albert Schweitzer.

This is what our team has to say about Terri:

"Terri is inspiring, visionary, generous, creative and full of great ideas. She is an integral part of each and every one of us. Without her we would not be where we are today both personally and professionally. Terri inspires excellence, and motivates everyone to reach their full potential."

Dr. Natalie Stone, DDS, Associate General Dentist

Natalie joined the Slave Lake Dental team in 2007 and has been a wonderful addition to our team. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2002 with her DDS and Bachelor of Science. Natalie’s favorite part of working at Slave Lake Dental is the people! Natalie said “I love all the girls I have worked with over the years and the patients. The relationships I’ve made makes all the difference.”

Natalie moved to Slave Lake with her husband Greg and is a proud mother of two handsome little boys. When she has free time, Natalie enjoys golfing, cooking and camping. Other than dentistry, her passion is for travelling.

This is what our team has to say about Natalie:

"Natalie is a true leader by example. She treats every patient like family and is an extremely skilled dentist who is loved by all of her patients. She has a genuine heart and knows how to appreciate everyone! Natalie amazes us on a daily basis. Her true concern for people and their health is incredible to watch."


Our Dental Hygiene Team

Asha Sargunaraj, Registered Dental Assistant II with Expanded Skills

Asha began Dental Assisting at Slave Lake Dental in 2014. She received her Dental Assisting License in 2012 and completed her Scaling Module in 2017 at SAIT. Asha grew up in Slave Lake and loves to spend her free time with family, friends and coaching figure skating. While at work, Asha loves to work with kids and work down in our Lab.

Asha has said “It’s great being a  part of such an enthusiastic group of people who are all working towards the same vision of creating Raving Fans of Slave Lake Dental!”

This is what our team has to say about Asha:

"Asha is our Lab Technician extraordinaire! She is extremely efficient, straight to the point and is awesome at making kids feel safe and comfortable! She jumps into any role at any time, and has since day one. She proves that everyone’s job is everyone’s job!"

Molly Malaca, Registered Dental Hygienist

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Raman Sandhu, Registered Dental Hygienist

Raman started with the Slave Lake Dental team officially in 2017 but her journey with us started back in high school. When Raman moved to Slave Lake, from Calgary in elementary school, she immediately knew that Slave Lake Dental was where she wanted to work. In high school she spent her afternoons as a work experience student here in the office.  Raman completed her Dental Hygiene Program with honors and local Anesthetic at Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene in 2016. Raman says “I have always been very passionate about dentistry and I love helping people get their beautiful and health smile.”

When Raman is not at the office, she loves to be adventurous, explore new places and meet new people. One of her favorite things to do is to make time for her family.

This is what our team has to say about Raman:

"Raman is wise beyond her years. She has a calm, caring and confident personality which her patients adore. She is professional and strives for perfection. Raman is always so considerate of her team and so much fun to work with! She is fantastic with patients and a perfect addition to our team!"

Rudi Leishman, Registered Dental Hygienist

Rudi joined the Slave Lake Dental team in 2009. She was a Dental Assistant for four years before returning to school to become a dental hygienist. Rudi grew up right here in Slave Lake, Alberta and is now raising her two beautiful daughters Sadie and Sloan here.

This is what our team has to say about Rudi:

"Rudi is ambitious, smart, efficient and a solution finder. She is constantly finding ways to make everyone’s job easier. She has unwavering confidence in what she does."

Meet Our Dental Assistants

Amery Davison, Registered Dental Assistant II

Amery joined the Slave Lake Dental team in 2013. She just recently became a certified Registered Dental Assistant!  She is quoted as saying “I love my job, this team and my boss!”

Amery says “It is amazing that she gets to work with most incredible group of people everyday!” This proud mother of two loves spending time with her children, husband and their pets. They all enjoy their summers camping, fishing and boating, while skiing in the winter.

This is what our team has to say about Amery:

"Amery takes initiative, is a busy bee and is always on the ball! She is always anticipating all of our needs. Her contagious positivity and laugh are amazing. Amery cares that things are done right; she knows every task and detail matter in the big picture."


Brooke Wilson, Registered Dental Assistant II

Brooke joined the Slave Lake Dental team as a Registered Dental Assistant in 2016.  She received graduated as a Dental Assistant in 2011 from SAIT  Polytech in Calgary. Brooke’s favorite part of her job is helping patients fix their smile, overcome fears and making them happy to smile again!

Brooke was born and raised in Slave Lake and has beautiful little family consisting of her husband Jayme and her young daughter Shelby. While being a mom takes up a lot of time, Brooke also makes time to curl at least once a week. During her free time Brooke loves spending time with her big extended family. They camp by the lake all summer and travel as much as possible during the colder months.

This is what our team has to say about Brooke:

"Brooke always puts the patient first while continuing to be super efficient and confident in every procedure that she does. Brooke is trustworthy, calm and open. She easily connects with patients, making them comfortable and building relationships with them. Brooke adapts quickly to change and is always willing to help wherever she can. She’s very efficient, always positive and 100% reliable. Cool as a cucumber and a blast to work with."

Diana Lindsay, Registered Dental Assistant II

Coming soon...

Felicity Graling, Registered Dental Assistant II

Coming soon...

Katie Severson, Registered Dental Assistant II

Katie joined the Slave Lake Dental team in 2013 and says she couldn’t ask for a better office or group of girls to work with. She graduated from Columbia College in 2012 from the Dental Assisting Program. Katie grew up in the Slave Lake area and loves being outdoors. Her favorite areas of dentistry are assisting in surgeries and cosmetic dentistry.

Katie is a very family orientated person who would rather play outside in the mud instead of playing with hair and makeup. She is looking forward to becoming an aunt for the first time this year! Katie’s favorite pastimes include spending time with husband, family, snowmobiling, quadding, hiking, hunting, being in the mountains and anything outdoors. To Katie, home is where the heart is.

This is what our team has to say about Katie:

"Katie is a thorough, precise, consistent and hard working team member. She works well under pressure while maintaining a very high quality of care for our patients. Katie has the biggest heart with the most honest intentions. She is so meticulous in everything she does. When she is given a job, it always gets done to perfection."

Kelsey Price, Chair Side Assistant

Kelsey became an integral part of the Slave Lake Dental team in November of 2017. As the Patient Care Provider Support, she is responsible to ensure that our office is held to the highest of standards when it comes to our sterilization of equipment. Her favorite part of working at our office is that she gets to be apart of an amazing team who really do put patients first, and that she gets to have fun at work. 

Kelsey's family consists of her husband, Tyson, her two beautiful girls Arianna and Tenley and their dog Bauer. They moved to Slave Lake in 2012 from Beausejour, Manitoba for work. Kelsey's hobbies include spending her time with her family and friends camping, hunting and quadding. 

This is what our team has to say about Kelsey:

"Kelsey is kind, super helpful, positive and fun! She is such a quick learner and has an amazing work ethic. She's always on the ball and anticipates our every need. Kelsey is cool as a cucumber and has a commitment to her team that is second to none. It's difficult to image a time in our team that we didn't have her. Her commitment to her team is second to none! "

Lisa O'Brien, Registered Dental Assistant II

Lisa started working on the Slave Lake Dental team in 2009. She earned her Dental Assisting Level II from Nova Scotia Community College in 2006. Lisa loves to do lab work and assist with orthodontics. Lisa said that her favorite thing about working at Slave Lake Dental is being a part of such a great team.

Lisa moved to Slave Lake from Nova Scotia, and now lives here with her husband. Her favorite activities are camping, hiking, and hunting. Especially when she gets to enjoy those activities in the mountains.

This is what our team has to say about Lisa:

"Lisa is a selfless person who is never too busy to help anyone. She shrugs off negativity and focuses on the positive, always looking for and finding solutions. She is a master of her craft. Lisa never takes shortcuts or does anything less than 100%. You can depend on her because she will never let you down."

Rebecca McGlynn, Registered Dental Assistant II

Rebecca became a part of the team in 2011.  She graduated as a Dental Assistant in 2011 from KDM Dental in Edmonton. Rebecca started at Slave Lake Dental working in the office as a Patient Care Coordinator in the reception area and transitioned into her assistant role.

Rebecca has two wonderful little boys named Ryder and Axl with her husband Dwight. Rebecca grew up in Smith, Alberta but moved to Slave Lake to become part of our team. Her favorite thing to do at work is to meet with new patients and to celebrate patients’ successes. Rebecca loves to spend time with her family after work hours.

This is what our team has to say about Rebecca:

"Her calm, comforting, empathetic manners allow her to be a wonderful asset to our patients.  Rebecca is considerate, well mannered and just plain nice! She wants to do the best job everyday and never rushes; making sure our patients have the best care. Rebecca is so caring and thorough, she excels with our patients and is wonderful at creating raving fans!"

Susie Ritchie, Registered Dental Assistant II & Clinical Director

Susie joined the Slave Lake Dental team in 2005. She moved to Slave Lake from New Brunswick with her husband. She believes that she is the proudest Canadian out there and hopes to travel our entire country with her husband and three daughters.

Susie’s favorite part about her job is working with the greatest group of people. She also loves the small town community feeling in Slave Lake that allows her to really get to know her patients. She also loves to assist in surgeries, orthodontics and to order supplies. Susie loves to go 4-wheeling in the summer and fall and says that her family’s lives are pretty much consumed with Hockey in the winter. She also enjoys skiing, skidooing, gardening, going to the beach and biking with her family. She is very energetic and loves being a part of the Slave Lake Dental team.

This is what our team has to say about Susie:

"Susie creates organization and is always available for a laugh, hug or a selfie! She’s like a pressure cooker! She works so well under pressure. Susie is dedicated in everything that she does! She always manages to stay one step ahead of everything while keeping everyone laughing."

Sutton Foster, Registered Dental Assistant II

Sutton joined our team in September 2018 and is a true Slave Laker - born and raised. She graduated in 2018 as a Registered Dental Assistant, came to Slave Lake Dental to do her practicum and she was such a great fit for our team we had to keep her! 

When it comes to her favorite part of the job, Sutton loves to get to know her patients and assist with dental surgery. When she's not at work she enjoys sports like hockey and golf, traveling and being a foodie. In fact, Sutton's goal is to experience one 'big trip' once a year. She has already spent an entire month travelling in South Africa and said "It is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world." 

This is what our team has to say about Sutton:

"Instantly upon joining the team, Sutton feel like she's worked here for years and is a natural Dental Assistant. She jumped in and rocks it! She is eager and always willing to learn new skills. Sutton cares for her patients and has compassion second to none. She is very confident and always willing to help where needed. We love that she is super friendly and easy to get to know."

Meet Our Provider Support

Kailee Beauchamp, Patient Care Provider Support

Coming Soon...


Meet Our Business Team

Chantelle Trudel, Marketing Director

Chantelle joined our team at Slave Lake Dental in 2014. She completed her Web Design Diploma in 2009 and her Business Management in 2011. Her favorite part about working at Slave Lake Dental is that the team fosters and encourages growth, both personally and professionally. She loves that she gets to be creative every day and she is passionate about showing the world how amazing our team really is.

Chantelle was born and raised in Slave Lake. In her free time Chantelle enjoys photography, reading, spending time with her husband, family and pets, being a very proud aunt, DIY projects, and anything that allows her to be creative. She loves being an auntie and being a part of the Slave Lake Dental team, the family feel of our practice and all of the opportunities that come from working here.

This is what our team has to say about Chantelle:

"Chantelle is innovative and imaginative and an idea machine. Her originality shines through in all that she does. She is a marketing GURU. Chantelle always shows her appreciation for others, is full of ideas and comes from a place of yes. She doesn’t shy away from anything based on the time or effort it may take."


Cindy Williams, Restorative Patient Care Coordinator

Coming soon...

Jessica Willson, Restorative Patient Care Coordinator

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John Pukanich, Practice Partner

John and Terri began operating Slave Lake Dental in 2005. John graduated as a Instrumentation Technologist and Journeyman Instrumentation Mechanic in 1995 from NAIT. John is in charge of all of the behind the scenes work that allows the practice to run smoothly. He is our lead bookkeeper and works directly with contractors during projects. John says that his favorite part of his job is working with Microsoft Excel and building complex spreadsheets that help him organize the office efficiently. Like most of us, John sees our team as one big family that works, learns and grows together.

John is married to Dr. Terri Pukanich and together they have two beautiful children. John grew up in Chisholm and moved to Slave Lake when he was 10 years old. In his free time John enjoys quadding, sledding, hunting, water skiing, down hill skiing, working in his shop and mapping.

This is what our team has to say about John:

"John is the unsung hero of our office. He is precise, attentive to details, direct and reliable. He always makes the needs of our team a top priority. John will always get to the bottom of any questions and give the best possible answer. John influences people to become their best self when they’re working with him."

Kami Doetzel, Director of Finance

Kami joined the Slave Lake Dental team in April 2018 and we are so happy to have her. Kami gets to work with numbers all day keeping our accounts accurate and running smoothly. Kami says that she loves that she gets to get lost in her work, keeping everything organized, balanced and accurate makes her days fly by. She graduated from Business Administration in 2014.


Kami moved to Slave Lake in 2008 and fell in love with the community and decided to make it her home. Kami has three children named Kasia, Viktor and Kalina. In her free time, Kami enjoys doing everything that is good for the soul such as spending time with her kids, getting some 'social therapy' with friends, attending yoga classes, and making trips into the city.  She believes in life-long learning and will always look for ways to better herself. This year she will be working on furthering her education in finance! 

This is what our team has to say about Kami:

"Kami is such a great fit for our team! It feels as though she has been here for years! Kami is trustworthy, smart, friendly, detail oriented, organized, a great multi-tasker and super funny. She is always willing to jump in and help out in different departments of the clinic. Kami is a machine. She works until she cannot work anymore. Kami can solve problems like no one else and makes sure that we are all doing our best.

Michelle Midlash, Restorative Patient Care Coordinator

Coming soon...

Samantha Schonberger, Patient Care Coordinator Support

Samantha joined the Slave Lake Dental team at the beginning of 2016 and has been a great asset. Her job in the office is to do the painstaking process of ensuring insurance companies and claims are processed correctly while being the first point of contact. Her favorite part about Slave Lake Dental is “Getting to work with all these wonderful people and seeing patients so happy with their new smiles!”


When she’s not at work Samantha enjoys spending time with her fiance, dog and two cats. Her family is from British Columbia so she enjoys travelling to see them as often as she can. Samantha always has some sort of craft on the go. She loves cross country skiing, hiking with her dog and spending time on the beach.


This is what our team has to say about Samantha:

"Samantha is a quick learner who is always willing to help her team members. She is always smiling, very friendly and makes the team laugh. Her dedication and hard working attitude make her dependable, reliable and a fantastic team member. She is great at investigating and problem solving and will always find the right answer!"

Valeen Snippa, Patient Care Coordinator Support

Valeen started at Slave Lake Dental in September 2017. One of the big draws of SLD for Valeen is the positive work environment and team. She really enjoys interacting with patients on the phone and being that first point of contact while ensuring our schedule is optimized for our team.  

Valeen was mostly raised right here in Slave Lake and enjoys using her free time on the lake. In the summer she spends most of her time with her family, Justin and her three beautiful daughters. They frequent local parks, go boating, fishing and are often crafting together. 

This is what our team had to say about Valeen:

"Valeen has a positive attitude, is very calm and has excellent manners. She is driven to learn all that she can and she is fast at it! Valeen is efficient, friendly, and a great addition to the front desk and the team! She has a great smile and always makes patients feel at home."

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