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How Our Team Celebrates Christmas

December 20, 2016


MANY PEOPLE SAY the holidays are their favorite time of the year! We all know celebrating traditions that bind friends and family together is truly what makes the holidays special.

This year, we want to share with you some of our favorite holiday traditions.




Some of Our Team’s Favorite Holiday Traditions


The Movie that Started it all Tradition: 


Every Christmas Eve, when the stockings are filled are just right, our Hygienist Erin watches Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer all night. Well… not all night and not only on Christmas Eve. Erin will be sure to play her favorite Christmas movie more than once over the holiday season. In fact, it was this classic 1964 movie that inspired our Erin to work in dentistry! True story! Erin was rewatching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer one day when she realized that she, like little Hermey the misfit elf, wanted to work in Dentistry! We couldn’t even make this up if we wanted to!




In fact many of our team members quote this show as their favorite Christmas Movie!


The One Gift Before Santa Tradition: 


This tradition is one that a few of our team members celebrate. Our Chair Side Dental Assistant Amery and Doctor Pukanich both love to see their kids open their one special gift on Christmas Eve. Pajamas of course! What could be better then opening a brand new pair of pajamas (It’s the best when the whole family matches), drinking hot chocolate while being warm and cozy on Christmas Eve!


The Treasure Each Smile Tradition:


Our wonderful Dental Assistant Susie loves to enjoy a delicious breakfast of warm, yummy porridge on Christmas morning before any gifts are opened. Her family sits by the tree and opens their gifts in turns one at a time so that each person can treasure every single surprise, delight and smile.


The It’s Never Going to Fit in the House Tradition:


Every holiday season our Marketing Director, Chantelle, and her family walks into the woods…. way, way in… After an hour or two of searching and finding beautiful trees that are not quite right her father will declare a tree just Perfect! “It’s too big!” her family will say but her Dad says its just right. So down it comes and they make their way home. Once they get home they realize… they can’t get the tree inside through the door. Ever. With some rope to tie down the branches it goes in but then it’s always much, much too big once it’s inside. In then end their tree is missing two feet off the top, usually a couple of feet from the bottom and the back of the tree is completely trimmed off to fit into the corner. There’s no place for a star. In fact, it looks more like a tree is growing from the basement through to the second floor! No matter the size, it still always looks nice… like a tree fit for a giant!


The French Toast with Candles Tradition: 


Our Patient Care Provider Support Alyssa has a very special holiday tradition that she shared with us. On Christmas Day, Alyssa’s family not only celebrates with gifts and family time, but with french toast and candles too! Christmas Day is also Alyssa’s big brother’s birthday! Instead of cake they celebrate with his favorite breakfast meal together. You guessed it, French Toast topped with birthday candles!


The We Know Exactly Where It Came From Tradition: 


Many families have the tradition of having a Christmas Eve feast with all the trimmings and the roast beast… umm, we mean turkey. In our Patient Care Coordinator Support Vanessa’s family they save the turkey for Christmas Day. Instead, their Christmas Eve started months and months before. Everyone meets at her grandparents house for a old fashioned potluck that can’t be bought! Vanessa’s family hunts and grows their own food for their feast! We are all very impressed! Their feast can include fresh moose or deer meat, fish such as salmon or halibut, and all kind of home grown vegetables!

The All Wrapped Up Tradition: 



Our Patient Care Coordinator Teddianne’s tradition is one that we think sounds delicious! On Christmas eve, the presents are not the only thing that is wrapped up… so are dozens of homemade pierogis! They spend hours preparing and hand making each little pierogi in the days leading up to the holidays to enjoy with the whole family on Christmas Eve!





Share Your Holiday Traditions With Us!


Every culture and every family is different. We all celebrate the holidays in our own unique and special way. We’d love to hear about your traditions! Feel free to comment below or reach out to us on Facebook and let us know your holiday traditions!


Happy holidays to our awesome patients!

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